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We are Sterling Galleon Corporation, an e-Commerce website that aims to take online shopping in the Philippines to new heights. Our website showcases products that are NOT available in the Philippines to give you, our Filipino shoppers, an experience that is refreshing as much as it is exciting.

Shopping redefined!

Providing you the ability to discover, share, and buy new products that are NOT in the Philippines is what sets us apart. All our products are sourced directly from US suppliers and shipped to your doorstep. With you can now

  • Buy products pay in Philippine currency (PHP) in any payment channel you are comfortable with.
  • Rest assured that you will be paying for the all-in price of the item as well as shipping, customs, taxes and delivery. No surprise charges.
  • Shop and Ship in One-Step.

Just enter the name of the products you have in mind in our search bar, and we will show you the product 90% of the time.

Please contact us on [email protected] should any products do not show up, as long as it can be shipped to the USA, we can buy it for you.

What is

The name was adopted from the Spanish trading ships called Manila Galleons, which came to the Philippines once or twice a year to bring commodities back in 1500. Back in those days, the Filipinos traded their own produce for goods that are not available in the country. We have adopted this simple yet innovative idea. is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs who dream of creating a never before seen or heard or heard kind of e-commerce website in the Philippines. is here to give the same kind of excitement that the Filipinos had when they first laid eyes on the Manila Galleons.

Our Core Values

Our team at believes it is more important to ask "Why are we here?" rather than "What we are here for?" To answer that, we are here because we strive to set new standards of how online shopping Philippines should be. We aim to give our Users the the excitement in discovering new innovative products never seen before - gadgets, apparels, electronics, kid‘s toys, and so much more! We take pride in making our customers satisfied and happy for every purchase they make.