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“Unique selling proposition is to offer a social shopping website that showcases items not available in the Philippines. I think e-commerce in the Philippines now is basically geared to just selling what’s available here and putting it online.” - www.malaya.com.ph

Galleon.PH Online Store Offers Items Not Available in the Philippines | TechnoBaboy Philippines

“Have you seen exciting products on Pinterest but you know it’s not available in the Philippines? Chances are, it is available on Galleon.PH. Try to visit the site and you’ll be amazed at the available products. The site has a selection of unique and exciting items ranging from clothing, food, electronics, books and jewelry, among others.” - www.technobaboy.com

Galleon.ph launches public alpha.

“Galleon is a welcome newcomer on the local e-commerce market, with an innovative concept. Even while still in alpha the site excels in design and its simplicity. Minor bugs are still to be expected, and personally we wish the store to also offer ThinkGeek products, but anyone willing to browse the Galleon store is bound to find awesome items. There’s literally something for everyone. Nose shower gel dispenser? Check. Social media shower curtain? “ - www.thebobbery.com

The Galleon.ph is like our own local ThinkGeek Online Store

“Well guess what? We now have a local store for discerning geeks (like you and me!) that sell off-center merchandise which we otherwise would not be able to bring in. Like these anti-gravity boots for PHP 10,xxx.” - www.abuggedlife.com

Galleon.ph Has Arrived For Your Geek Needs - Socially Awkward | Socially Awkward

“If you browse around now, you’ll see a lot of the quirky items that will make you say “Oh yeah, I’d like one of those!” or “If I have these, I’ll finally be badass!” If the Oreck Air Purifier isn’t enough to entice you, here’s a few more items you can expect to find on Galleon.ph. Happy shopping!” - www.donmanganar.com

My Geeky Wishlist can be found here at Galleon.ph

“I lurk around on some shopping site that offers the same items, for example, I always check out Think Geek's website and other similar sites and also local online stores just to check the new trend of gadgets and utilities. The problem that we have here is that there's no local store that can help us get the item outside the country, I'm glad that Galleon.ph is here to help us ship the item in just 6-12 days with the right price and not with an expensive shipping fee or custom tax.” - www.azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com

Simply Rins: Nail Art Tools by Galleon.ph

“Finding the right nail art tools have been a hit and miss for me. I couldn't find a good set of brushes and paints to use locally so I opted to search online and purchase somewhere else. As of date, I've tried a few sets of brushes and acrylic paints. It is true that experience is the best teacher. And even though I found tools that worked for me, I am still in constant search for something better. “ - www.rina-alcantara.com

10 Things We’re Loving Now | GALLERY | SPOT.ph: Your One-Stop Urban Lifestyle Guide to the Best of Manila

“Seeing the newly released photos of the upcoming Catching Fire reminded us just how much we want to be a symbol of the revolution again. Carrying this gold mockingjay pendant is a start.” - www.spot.ph

Social Shopping at Galleon.ph

“This is where online shops, like Galleon.ph, come in. Its edge over other local online shops is that you can order US goods that are not available here in the country. Another good thing I see about Galleon.ph is that the customer need not worry about the hassles of shipment from the ordered products coming from the US, such as customs obligations, because the price indicated already includes these kinds of fee.” - www.pinayads.com

Galleon.ph: Online Shopping for Unique Items

“There are only a few sites or online stores that sell unique items. One of the online shopping sites that I have recently discovered is Galleon.ph. Galleon.ph features products (well most of them) that are not available in the Philippines.” - http://mommyginger.com

Galleon: Exotic and Exclusive Twist to Philippine Online Buying

“Fast forward 300 or so years, and a different kind of galleon is attempting to make its mark in a very different kind of trade. It’s an e-commerce site that provides all the most niche products you can’t find anywhere else.” - www.techinasia.com

Microsoft Surface Pro Galleon.ph

“We’ve been aching to get our hands on a Microsoft Surface Pro ever since it was announced. The idea of a tablet that has Ultrabook specs and capabilities is just so appealing to us, especially since it can function as an all-around mobile blogging and gaming station. Fortunately local online shop Galleon.ph had a unit for sale so we quickly snatched it up.” - www.unbox.ph

Hard-to-find items at galleon.ph

“Are you one of those who think that online shopping will be the norm 8-10 years from now? I do. That’s why I view with great interest start-ups like galleon.ph. It is an e-commerce website specializing in products that are unique and still unavailable in the Philippines” - http://www.annalyn.net

Galleon.ph Fills the Gap in the Philippine e-Commerce

“Introducing Galleon.ph, my first encounter with this site is when I tried to look for an online shop that sells GameKlip here in the Philippines. Galleon.ph Inc. is not your traditional online shopping portal. They aim to provide a very unique experience by giving its online customers the means to purchase products not available locally” - http://www.kompyuteran.com

Galleon is actually an e-Commerce website that showcases products that are not available in the Philippines, but can be found here.

“True to its slogan, “We probably Have it..”, Galleon.PH gave me enough options when I searched for Whey Protein. What a catch! This site gives us shoppers, an experience that is refreshing as much as it is exciting. ” - http://rodmagaru.com/2014/07/10/shop-shop-online-with-galleon-ph-they-probably-have-it-all-galleonph/

Galleon.ph your not so usual local e-commerce

“What really makes Galleon.ph stand out is their unique items that you can have it shipped right to your doorstep.” - www.techglimpse.ph

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“The tandem of The Secret Gift and Dragonpay is a new exciting way to romanticize your present to a significant other; think secret admirers. The service allows the buyer to anonymously and technologically send a present to a recipient, who must initially accept the gift before the transaction is granted successful. With this method, it more or less guarantees that what you give to the recipient is something he or she would deeply appreciate.” - www.malaya.com.ph

Shop for hard to find products at Galleon

“I love the emails I get from them it feels like I'm talking to a pirate... If you're looking for specific products not available in the Philippines then you have to try Galleon.” - www.artofbeingamom.com

My Galleon.ph encounter

“So, yay! I’m happy! Last step… Today, I received an email from them that my order is complete already! Thank you, Galleon.ph!

So, will I order again? Yes, definitely.”
- www.manilashopaholic.com

Ahoy! Holiday shopping!

“Shopping in Galleon.ph is very convenient with the wide range of imported items in their database. And even if the items you’re looking for are not in their database, they can source this product and email you once the price has been provided. Needless to say, Galleon.ph aims to be the best shopping destination for Filipinos.” - www.dragonpay.ph