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A Quick Guide to Power Specifications of Products in Galleon.ph

This quick guide explains the importance of knowing the different voltage of various electronic products for sale in Galleon.ph. Generally, the electrical output in the US is 110V/60Hertz while in the Philippines, it is 220V/60Hertz. This means that products manufactured in the US does not match the voltage requirements here in the country and thus require the consumers to take extra measures.

Plugging a product to an incorrect voltage can seriously damage it (i.e. burn). While step-down transformer can be used to reduce the rate of electrical voltage, we cannot guarantee that the product will run efficiently. IT IS THE CUSTOMER’S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE VOLTAGE RATING OF EACH PRODUCT BY VISITING THE MANUFACTURER’S WEBSITE. Galleon.ph will not take responsibility for any damages that may arise due to the aforementioned circumstances.

However, there are certain products that have dual voltage capacity. Check the manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to set a device to a specific electrical voltage. Products that have 110V-240V 60Hz/50Hz power ratings can be plugged directly to the supply, as it is built to work within specific voltage/cycles.

Knowing this difference not only saves the device but can inevitably reduce the risk of accidents that may occur due to electric shock.